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School Choices for New Columbus Residents
August 19, 2017
Before you get to the point of contacting a Columbus, Ohio moving company, there are probably a number of other local institutions you’ll want to know about. For new and prospective families, schools are certainly a major factor in final decisions about where to move to. If you look at other posts on this blog, you should get the impression that career prospects and local development are expanding at a brisk pace. But if you’re considering the services of a Columbus moving company, you’ll surely also want to know that your children will have access to the quality education that will help them take advantage of those things. Of course, different families and educators have different ideas about the type of schooling that is best. Fortunately, we can report that the local area provides parents with a range of choices, and without interfering with improvements in public education. For instance, Digital Journal recently reported that the Villa Montessori Preschool is adding three new classrooms for the new school year. If this is in line with your educational philosophy and your Columbus moving company settles you in the area in time for open enrollment, your children may have an opportunity to get a serious leg up on their local education.

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