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Newly Acquired Properties in Northwest: Part of Dayton Redevelopment
July 28, 2017
On Friday, Dayton Business Journal reported upon the 1.4 million dollar purchase of 65 rental homes and apartments centered in the northwestern part of the city. Naturally, upgrades to those properties can be expected in the months ahead, but eventually they may turn into a new hot spot for a Dayton, Ohio moving company. As to when the properties will be ready for new renters, we can’t say with certainty. But if you’re exploring long-term plans to locate either to or within the city, we’d encourage you to watch this space. Being a Dayton moving company ourselves, we’re always keen to keep our eyes on local development projects and to make existing and potential residents aware of those things. This blog has reported upon various such projects in the past, highlighting opportunities for people of all backgrounds and economic means to take advantage of our Dayton relocation service. The local job market continues to grow across multiple sectors, and lifestyle opportunities continue to broaden in scope. We believe a Dayton, Ohio moving company should be able to help you explore your prospects and options before actually setting you up in the local area. And We remain committed to doing just that.

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