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Moving and Storage Services Mitigate Risk from Floods
July 15, 2017
There has been a good deal of flash flooding in the Columbus area recently. If you’ve been affected by it, or have lost property, it’s unfortunately true that a Columbus, Ohio moving company can no longer do anything to help you. But it could be of assistance to you in avoiding the next such catastrophe, if recent experiences have made you resolve to act differently later. Of course, simply hiring a Columbus relocation service to move out of a flood zone is one option. But that isn’t really what we’re referring to. In fact, the threat of flooding is a good impetus for use to call attention to Road Runner’s secondary service as a provider of storage solutions in the Columbus area. Sometimes, the things that people put at risk in times of heavy rain are not things that need to remain in their homes year round. In situations like that, you might save yourself some stress and heart ache if you take the initiative to contact a Columbus, Ohio moving company and have it relocate some of your more sensitive property to a storage unit. And if the same company can provide both the storage and the relocation service, so much the better!

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