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Immigrants, Welcome to Dayton
September 2, 2017
As a Dayton, Ohio moving company, we aim to provide equal service to any decent, law-abiding people who would like to make this city their home. Ethnic, social, and religious demographics do not make this town what it is, and we believe that any type of person can help Dayton to continue along the positive trajectory it is on. Knowing the community as we do, we believe that its residents share our welcoming attitude. And there is clear evidence to back us up. On Friday, My Dayton Daily News ran an article describing the response over the past six years to the Welcome Dayton initiative, which spearheaded immigrant-friendly policies in the local community.1 Although the article says there is more work to be done to build cultural understanding, it also reported that only about ten percent of the population expressed unsupportive attitudes toward immigrants in a recent study. Surely, those attitudes will vanish as people get used to seeing a Dayton, Ohio moving company helping diverse immigrants settle into an overwhelmingly welcoming community. From what we’ve seen, when our clients familiarize themselves with their surroundings, they very quickly fit in and naturally begin to foster the cultural understanding that has been growing for six years under the Welcome Dayton initiative.  
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