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End of Season for Dayton Moving Company
October 27, 2017
After a protracted summer and fluctuating temperatures in much of the Midwest and the Northeast, it looks like the weather in Ohio is finally ready to turn cold and remain cold. That could mean that now is your last opportunity to get in touch with a Dayton moving company and arrange a late-season relocation in the area. After reaching a high of 64 on Friday, the temperature is expected to drop nearly 20 degrees by Saturday and remain in the 40s and 50s for the following week. It’s nothing that this Dayton moving company can’t handle, but it certainly marks a shift to less comfortable conditions. Speaking from experience, even if people aren’t doing the heavy lifting on their own, nobody likes to make a life-changing transition in cold weather. So most of our business will soon be concluded until springtime. But of course there are always unusual circumstances, and career requirements or family emergencies might force you to relocate in the area during the cold half of the year. If that turns out to be the case, you may have to make special arrangements with your Dayton moving company; but it might be worth it when you find yourself settled before the busy season starts again.

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