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Economic Growth and Columbus, OH Commercial Relocation Services
October 14, 2017
On Thursday, America Online co-founder Steve Case was in Columbus to promote the Rise of the Rest initiative, which encourages large-scale investment in place that aren’t on either the east or west coast. Case had some positive things to say about the city, which should bode well for Columbus, OH commercial relocation services. He suggested that the influx of business to the city has been held back by an absence of appropriate promotion, and he urged regional leaders to make it known that Columbus is a business destination. At various times in the past, we’ve used this blog to emphasize that business prospects in Columbus are growing steadily. This is demonstrated by data and news reports, and more informally by our own experiences providing Columbus, OH commercial relocation services. We’ve personally witnessed some of the proliferation of businesses claiming local real estate after either moving into the city from elsewhere or growing beyond founders’ homes. There’s no reason to believe that this trend will end any time soon. But Steve Case is right that promotion is needed to make sure the trend accelerates. We like to think that we’re doing our part by encouraging Columbus, OH commercial relocation services, but we also understand that it will take the entire community to demonstrate the true value that our region holds for startups and investors.

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